Where’s MMA gone?

This is something that has come up a lot recently; why is the only MMA class an invite only session?

Over the past 12 months I (Dan Richards) have been looking at the best way in which to deliver MMA at our club based on our membership base and the level at which those that were coming into MMA class when it was part of the timetable, and I made the decision that for those that want to learn MMA you must have a level of competence in the main disciplines; Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and BJJ.

I also looked at some of the most success “MMA” gyms in the world to see how they delivered MMA to see if it common ground else where. It was encouraging when I spoke to Greg Jackson when he visited for his seminar, that he had also removed MMA to the general public and also requires a level of competency from his members before they can join an MMA session. This cemented my idea that I to would do the same.


MMA is the skill of transitioning between the disciplines, flowing and connecting the techniques seamlessly. in order to teach these transitions you must first have a basic understanding of the core abilities otherwise teh “MMA” class is taken up teaching a jab, or a takedown which is better taught in Boxing or Wrestling respectively.

MMA at Trojan Worcester is not DEAD, it never will be. It is my main passion and why I got back into martial arts over 13 years ago. We have regular amateur and professional fighters who are in fight camp for upcoming bouts, however we are in a transition of this new structure, so if you want to get in to MMA here what I’d say: get to class, all of them for at least 6 months… let me know your intentions, do you want to compete, or just train because you love it. I will then invite you, when you’re ready to the Saturday session. I admire those that ask, those that want to push themselves.

If you’ve any question, or wish to attend the MMA session then please get in contact.

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