Teresa Chloe

Muay thai boxing is an actual art. It’s a way of learning how to attack and defend in a form of a dance making it slightly more sophisticated than other martial arts. It’s a way of being able to express myself using the correct technique and learning when to strike and when to defend.

Spirituality it helps create a balance giving me peace of mind by teaching me about mutual respect, honour and loyalty for the people I train with and learn from. It allows me to be humble learning to accept defeat when an opponent shows you what you need to do to improve your strategy making you more analytical. This is why I chose this martial art over any other.

Muay thai boxing is a brilliant way of keeping fit. When I think I have no more in me everyone else motivates me to carry on. I started with kick boxing for a couple of years but I was never really that flexible. I quite liked the boxing side of this, so I did boxing for about a year but I always felt there was still something missing. Then I started muay thai boxing back in Birmingham.

At the time I started practicing I was also playing basketball. Muay thai really improved my fitness. My stamina increased and my body was conditioned. It helped me stay focus giving me more confidence than ever before helping me with my balance and footwork.

When I first came to this club in Worcester, over a year ago. I had stopped practicing for about three years for various reasons and so, the first thing I said to Rich Newman was I didnt really want to fight.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and I got bored of just hitting pads. I wanted to put what I learnt into practice. I wasn’t interested in interclubs because I was apprehensive about getting hurt etc (the norm). Everyone gave me the confidence to over come that fear and gave me insight about how to be better and with that I done my first interclub! (whaaaaaat 😧😄??!!). Never in a million years did I think I was going to enter the ring! (P O W) It was so much fun and I learnt so much about myself. I hope I did you all proud.

I was also dealing with a lot of demons within myself and going through a lot of trials and tribulations. Since practicing again it has helped me overcome and deal with each one head on channelling my negativity into a positive because for that hour I’m training that’s where I get rid of my anxieties, troubles, stresses, and this is where I get to focus on myself. For that I will always be grateful because this has taught me how to fight again 😊☝🏼… You guys are more than people I just train with… Big Love

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