Things to consider when sparring

Sparring really is the only way to truly see where you’re at whatever the discipline. However it’s not something you should ever do too much of, due to the intensity and increased risk of injury and head trauma. So how can you maximise the sparring you do?

1. Have a goal and objective.

Yes, sparring is the chance to try all your skills, but go into the session with 1 main objective you want to accomplish. Sparring isn’t full blast, but its more than whatever live drill you’re doing in classes, so its a realistic way to try new skills. We call these +1’s, 1 objective to achieve. Read more

An interview with Rich Newman

What made you start Muay Thai? and what has kept you going?

I first came across real Muay Thai way back in 2000.  I was standing across the road opposite a gym on Ko Samui watching the training.  A couple of the guys were beckoning me to join them them but I politely declined! To this day I regret that but back then I was just a backpacking beach bum looking for the party! If someone would have told me that 9 years later I would be staying at that camp I would have laughed! Read more