Sam Betty


I first started training at Trojan for some different and fun fitness alongside my career as a professional rugby player.

Doing 1-to-1’s and small group sessions with Head Coach Dan Richards I enjoyed the training immensely.

Dan is a fantastic coach, extremely knowledgeable and makes things easier to understand and pick up.

I also did some Boxing and Jiu Jitsu classes run by Jon Shaw and Paul Severn, again both great coaches who I learned a lot from.

After a few months of training I had my first amateur boxing fight which was a great experience.

I have really enjoyed my time at Trojan. Everyone from coaches to members has been friendly, helpful and welcoming and I have met some great people and learned a lot in all different areas of MMA.

To anybody looking for some new or different training that will push you physically whilst being fun and interesting I can’t recommend Trojan highly enough.

Thanks guys!

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