Richard Arkless

For many just going to the gym, running, doing a programme some fitness instructor wrote for you just doesn’t inspire you to train and the motivation just isn’t there to go to a busy health club and wait around for the treadmill. Richard Arkless joined Trojan Free Fighters as a way to improve his overall health and weight loss and its fair to say he is an inspiration to all those beginners who are looking for a connection and someone they can relate to. Here is how it went:

“I will start at the beginning, I got to my 29th birthday I was overweight, depressed and unhappy with how my life in general was going. Nights out, drinking heavily and eating way too much led to me gaining 14.5 stone. After looking at some shocking pictures, I had to change! I knew that I needed to exercise and eat better.

So I began with doing Insanity and lost 1.5 stone, after finishing I was recommended to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I had studied Japanese Jiu Jitsu and Kung fu in my younger days, so I thought why not. The first session was hard, but I felt good. I continued to eat correctly, exercise at the gym and train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Trojan Free Fighters.

The weight began to fall off me, I dropped down to 11.5 stone be the end of the year! I then began to think of new goals and targets I should reach, so I competed in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition, I upped the training and eating more of the correct food and got down to 10.5 stone to compete just after my 30th birthday.

Unfortunately, I lost on points during the competition, which only pushed me harder and to my limits and in December 2013 I had achieved my Blue Belt! I would like to thank Paul Severn, Chico Mendes, friends and training partners that have helped me reach my goals. I’ve never been happier with myself and have a new found confidence.”

Richard continues to train and as I sit here and type this out he is training on a sunday morning drilling techniques learnt in class and in seminars.

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