Physical and mental growth

Maks continue his journey and its been inspirational to watch him not only exceed his goal but grow with confidence. Here is his update from his last testimonial

You may remember my testimonial from later last year after I dropped some weight due to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), so I thought another one was in order! 

Since continuing my BJJ journey, I’m now down from 112kg to 88.4kg! I’ve competed in 2 competitions, have a stripe on my white belt and I’ve even started a blog about it all!

To say BJJ changed my life maybe cliché but its certainly true, the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve made through joining Trojan Worcester and starting BJJ are second to non, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life and mentally the best I’ve felt in years. The confidence I have built and continue to build as I progress through the ranks of BJJ, not that it’s about stripes or belts for me, is incredible and the things I have learnt on and off the mats due to it in the past 8 and a half months have been something I will never forget and I cant wait for whats next in my journey.

Paul, Dan and Krzysztof and all my training partners on the mat are not only great coaches but just great people and I feel VERY privileged to be trained under them and the gateways that are opened through their teaching are second to non, plus the added bonus of seminars from others within our BJJ world to open those gateways further. Another added bonus is the use of the open mat mornings, to get some extra drills in to further our BJJ game, which comes with being a direct debit member!

If anyone has any second thoughts about starting a martial art, not just BJJ, at Trojan Worcester, I’d absolutley put them to one side and come and give it a go. Its been the best thing I’ve ever done and it may well be the best thing you ever do too!

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