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10 years ago I set about the task of using martial arts to create a community that inspires and develops the skills of others.

What we built has gone beyond just a hobby and surpassed my expectations. A sanctuary, a community, a place of learning, developing and achieving.

From humble beginnings in a small rented room at Butlers gym to numerous different homes, growing, developing and changing lives we eventually ended up in our present day home, as one of the best equipped facilities in the area.

We are now a club that routinely helps over 150 people each week train; learn and travel their own journeys and of that, I’m immensely proud.

Friends have been made for life and memories that will live very long in the memory happened over the last decade. Pride in watching a new starter nailing their first slipped punch to watching our battle hardened warriors winning belts and trophies on the biggest stages, under the brightest of lights.

I always set out to do my best by the members.

It’s a club, not just a way of earning money and that’s why we always stuck to our morales and values, our membership has always been at the core of every decision, of any change, of any commercial venture.

However, what was once a small group of men and women has grown, its become something that needs full time direction and support.

With MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and a full schedule of kids classes and an active group of competitors it’s become a beast, it’s not a hobby anymore, it needs more time than that.

It’s at this time I can’t give it the time it needs and so; to continue in my belief that the members come first; its time for me to step aside and to hand over the reigns.

As of the 1st November the club will formally be owned by the guys downstairs. John Clark and Chris Copson

John, as you know, whilst training across the disciplines in our club has built FIT3SIXTY into a members based club like our own with the membership at the heart of their goals.

Chris, his business partner has fought under Rich a few years ago so the Thai guys may remember him too. They have a belief both Trojan and FIT3SIXTY can be the best in the country and I’m looking forward to seeing them prove it.

These guys ‘get it’.

They understand what we are about as they live and breathe the same values, respect and morales we hold so dear and will, I have no doubt, continue to build on the foundations we have laid.

It’s been an honour and a pleasure to steer the ship for a decade and for allowing me to lead you, for that, I thank you.

I’m immensely proud of all of you.

From watching some of you put on your first pair of gloves or earn your first stripe through to the development of skill, belief, attitude and results and I’ve made many lifelong friends through our club.

We’ve genuinely changed lives.

So here we are…. I’m not disappearing off into the sunset, I still intend to be an active member and supporter of you all but as of the 1st November, the keys and responsibility passes to John and Chris.

Don’t fear; the timetable and all the coaches will remain as it is, the team continue as they are and are fully behind my decision and choice of new owners.

To our long standing coaches, Paul, Rich, Krzysztof; thank you. You’ve been with me since the start and you stood together and stood by me and we can all be proud of how far we came together.

And so, please join me in welcoming John and Chris to the team and please show them the same support and encouragement you gave to me. The future is bright.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble, it’s been one hell of a journey but, as we always say, tomorrow, we go again.

Train hard, learn lots and continue to inspire and develop the community around you.

The Boss. Dan x

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