Exciting times ahead

As our club has grown over the years it is now time for us to grow even more…. more info to follow very soon

Richard Arkless

For many just going to the gym, running, doing a programme some fitness instructor wrote for you just doesn’t inspire you to train and the motivation just isn’t there to go to a busy health club and wait around for the treadmill. Richard Arkless joined Trojan Free Fighters as a way to improve his overall health and weight loss and its fair to say he is an inspiration to all those beginners who are looking for a connection and someone they can relate to. Here is how it went: Read more

An interview with Rich Newman

What made you start Muay Thai? and what has kept you going?

I first came across real Muay Thai way back in 2000.  I was standing across the road opposite a gym on Ko Samui watching the training.  A couple of the guys were beckoning me to join them them but I politely declined! To this day I regret that but back then I was just a backpacking beach bum looking for the party! If someone would have told me that 9 years later I would be staying at that camp I would have laughed! Read more

An interview with Paul Severn

Why have you committed so much of your life to training and teaching BJJ?

I ask myself this everyday WHY?!?!?!? hahaha… I’ve done lots of different Martial arts and BJJ is the one that has resonated with me the most.  Every martial art has its own answer to “what if…?” ,some martial arts have a simple answer, some have degree level theoretical answers…for some reason my brain seems to be wired to think the way BJJ is structured. Read more

How BJJ changed my life

Jadon Ortlepp shared his story and how BJJ has influenced his life for the better;

I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2008 in Surrey, I was curious because I had read a lot of online chatter about how low ranking “beginners” were seemingly able to dominate  experienced practitioners of other martial arts.  I had trained Judo before as a kid so I had some grappling awareness; the rest of my experience was striking based.  Read more