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10 years ago I set about the task of using martial arts to create a community that inspires and develops the skills of others.

What we built has gone beyond just a hobby and surpassed my expectations. A sanctuary, a community, a place of learning, developing and achieving.

From humble beginnings in a small rented room at Butlers gym to numerous different homes, growing, developing and changing lives we eventually ended up in our present day home, as one of the best equipped facilities in the area. Read more

Its a big part of my life

Written by Laura Macdougall

I’ve always been fairly (read: far too) open about my issues with severe anxiety. It’s no secret, it’s been a big part of my life.
You would think that someone who struggled to the point of practically being a prisoner in their own head, would never throw themselves into any situation that leaves them bruised and battered against people much bigger than them! Yet there’s a sense of peace when you step onto the mats. Work problems, financial issues…everything is left at the door. It’s a martial art that – like with any exercise – demands you to be present, to focus. There’s no time to get stuck in the spiral of anxiety. Read more

Physical and mental growth

Maks continue his journey and its been inspirational to watch him not only exceed his goal but grow with confidence. Here is his update from his last testimonial

You may remember my testimonial from later last year after I dropped some weight due to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), so I thought another one was in order! 

Since continuing my BJJ journey, I’m now down from 112kg to 88.4kg! I’ve competed in 2 competitions, have a stripe on my white belt and I’ve even started a blog about it all! Read more

Muay Thai has changed my life

The journey for everyone is different, for Mitch Oakes, it was about changing his life from the better. Here his journey in his own words:

Trojan Worcester has helped me develop skills, improve my fitness & strength and also my confidence in all areas. The place has no egos at all and everyone welcomes each other and says “hello”, even if they train different aspects to you. Everyone trains hard but also has a laugh and enjoys themselves as well. Read more

Greg Jackson Seminar Highlights

My journey

In Brazilian jiu-jitsu there is a belt system, a hierarchy, there are levels. From white belt, to stripes, through to the various colours ascending to a black belt.

Last night I was awarded 2 stripes on my white belt, I have officially taken two steps up the ladder. Progress was made.

Progress and how you measure it is interesting and fascinating all at the same time though.

As humans we tend to like to have big destinations to aim for. Read more

Things to consider when sparring

Sparring really is the only way to truly see where you’re at whatever the discipline. However it’s not something you should ever do too much of, due to the intensity and increased risk of injury and head trauma. So how can you maximise the sparring you do?

1. Have a goal and objective.

Yes, sparring is the chance to try all your skills, but go into the session with 1 main objective you want to accomplish. Sparring isn’t full blast, but its more than whatever live drill you’re doing in classes, so its a realistic way to try new skills. We call these +1’s, 1 objective to achieve. Read more

Support, hard work and achievement

Trojan Free Fighters has developed a fantastic community of support, hard work and achievement.

They host County, National and European champions across a variety of disciplines and ages. Read more

5 tips for BJJ

5 things you need to know when you start BJJ

Starting anything new can be daunting, especially in martial arts… what to do, what to say, and what the hell is that weird hand shake before people start!!

So here are some handy tips that will help guide you on to the mats with a little more confidence. Read more

It’s great therapy

I was in an unhealthy marriage where I was losing confidence in myself. I’d just had a second child and was trying not to get low, depressed and lonely. I wasn’t in shape and had no desire to go to a regular gym. Read more