Muay Thai has changed my life

The journey for everyone is different, for Mitch Oakes, it was about changing his life from the better. Here his journey in his own words:

Trojan Worcester has helped me develop skills, improve my fitness & strength and also my confidence in all areas. The place has no egos at all and everyone welcomes each other and says “hello”, even if they train different aspects to you. Everyone trains hard but also has a laugh and enjoys themselves as well.

Personally for me training Muay Thai has helped me change my whole lifestyle; from going to the pub every weekend, to giving me a reason and motivation to train to ensure I’m now looking after my body more right down to my diet! It’s motivated me to eat well & be the best version of myself.

Prior to training at Trojan Worcester I’d never done any form of martial art before so when I started it was real hard to get to grips with it, but after great coaching and sticking with it by enjoying the process massively Muay Thai has become a massive part of my life.

I am competing on some of the biggest shows in the region and I’ll be going to Thailand to train and I hope to fight on shows whilst I’m there.

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