Kids Freestyle Kickboxing


I am please to announce that from the 1st June Si Cutt a black belt with over 15 years experience and former British freestyle kickboxing champion will be joining our team of coaches.

Class cost: £5 per session

Register your interest in this class, click the link below:

Like our kids BJJ class, this will be open for ages 7-12 years old and welcome beginners to the class. With a structure syllabus for grading and taking the success of our kids BJJ class we look to deliver the many benefits martial can bring:

  1. Exercise – The number one benefit of our kids class is that it is one of the best forms of exercise.  To improve their overall health and fitness contribution to weight loss and strength.
  2. Self Defense – Kickboxing will give you kids more self confidence and self esteem in any situation. This can be an extremely valuable tool for your children to learn.
  3. Stress Relief – Martial arts can be a great way to relieve stress. It can be used as a form of aggression control. Kids have to deal with a lot of emotions throughout their lifetime. Kickboxing will give them a release and allow them to let out their stress in a positive way.
  4. Discipline – By teaching your kids kickboxing mechanics, you will effectively be teaching your children control and discipline. In order to be a good martial artist, a person must be disciplined and go through the motions with precision.
  5. Strength – Kickboxing can help increase overall strength. This can lead to increased bone growth, increased weight loss, and overall healthier being. The more muscles and strength your children have, the healthier they will be.
  6. Hobby – By giving your children a hobby that they enjoy, you will be helping them avoid the bad hobbies that could harm them, such as video games, internet, television, etc. By giving them a hobby that encourages being active and physical, you will ultimately reduce the amount of time they have to participate in the hobbies that could cause them to be unhealthy.


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