Kids Boxing is BACK!

I am very pleased to announce that kids boxing is back at Trojan Worcester with head boxing coach Jon Shaw.
We start 2nd August and will be every Wednesday 5pm – 6pm at a cost of £5 per class for ages 5-12 years old.

Jon is an ABA level 2 boxing coach and former midland champion and has proved a huge success with our adults boxing class.

Interested then please sign up below:

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Benefits of Boxing For Kids

1. Exercise

The number one benefit of boxing is that it is one of the best forms of exercise. Boxing is a very physically demanding sport. It requires the person participating to have both strength and stamina. In order to be effective in the ring, you must be able to go the length of the boxing match. In order to be able to withstand the length of the match, your stamina must be excellent. In other sports that kids love to play such as baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, stamina is secondary because there are substitutions and stoppages in play.

2. Self Defense

Boxing will allow your children to be able to defend themselves if they ever need to. This can be an extremely valuable tool for your children to learn because the world can be very dangerous. Although our first and foremost message is to disengage from any form of confrontation.

3. Stress Relief

Boxing can be a great way to relieve stress. It can be used as a form of aggression control. Kids have to deal with a lot of emotions throughout their lifetime. Boxing will give them a release and allow them to let out their stress in a positive way.

4. Discipline

By teaching your kids boxing mechanics, you will effectively be teaching your children control and discipline. In order to be a good boxer, a person must be disciplined and go through the motions with precision.

5. Strength

Boxing can help increase overall strength. This can lead to increased bone growth, increased weight loss, and overall healthier being. The more muscles and strength your children have, the healthier they will be.

6. Hobby

By giving your children a hobby that they enjoy, you will be helping them avoid the bad hobbies that could harm them, such as video games, internet, television, etc. By giving them a hobby that encourages being active and physical, you will ultimately reduce the amount of time they have to participate in the hobbies that could cause them to be unhealthy.

As you can see, there are a ton of benefits that boxing gives your children, in a safe and friendly environment.

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