Don’t train to prove!

Don’t roll/spar to prove do it to improve

Occasionally someone will in class start to gun it for their next belt and the conversations start with “they’ve got a point to prove ” or “what’s their problem “
Use training to LEARN and improve .For those that want to compete make sure you have solid fundamentals and a couple of “games” being a one trick pony will get you caught out in the long run and it’s harder to fix mistakes the longer you’ve had them.Joe Rogan has been quoted “the best way to learn bjj is beat up blue belts” I can kind of see what he means but I disagree.Everyone at every belt can and will teach you something:

Carlos Sapao told me the most dangerous belt to train with but the best to work self defence is the white belt..they don’t know what they don’t know and do crazy shit ..

For constant progression you need partners who are:
-Better than you to develop your defence
-Same level as you to roll competitively
-Not as experienced as you to develop your attacks

Chico said to me once “do right roll,not flow roll”
There’s a time to go hard or go home to push yourself and your training partner,but there’s also a time to help a partner drill there guard passing to positional control to submission finish for example
As it helps you read the position and start to prepare your defence for next time

Be honest to yourself “what am I trying to achieve ” from this session
I put an emphasis here on you all learning to teach ,to help everyone #developyourskills as it helps your understanding of what your doing and it’s easy
You get your training partner better,you get better as you get better training so we get more friends and training partners.

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