9kgs lost!

I started using Trojan as an alternative to using the gym after my gym closed down, ive always been interested in combat sports and martial arts, I also felt like it would be a good way to stay in shape and also learn new things.

I was a bit apprehensive and anxious about first coming to trojan, I just felt like id be a new kid at a new school & not really knowing anything, I was also pretty worried about my overall fitness  as other than the gym I hadn’t don’t anything like this in quiet a while.

My first session was excellent, we did some basic striking and a few basic take downs, Dan was superb in showing me what to do as a beginner as well as splitting his time between the more advanced students, I was hooked from the off and began doing weekly MMA classes

I started at trojan with 1 class a week doing MMA, im now gravitating towards BJJ more and more, but still keeping my MMA class to keep fit and learn more from different areas of martial arts. My long term goal is to do my promotions in BJJ and to eventually compete in the sport, whilst keeping fit and keeping my weekly MMA classes.

9 kgs weight loss!

I now do one MMA session a week, 2 double Brazilian Ju Jitsu sessions a week (Gi and Nogi) and as many open matt sessions as I can. Through this I have lost 9Kgs down from 112KG to 103KG and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Since becoming a direct debit member I have had access to the gym in the early mornings before work and also access to the facebook group where I can learn other bits here and there. I have also been feeling better than ive felt in years since joining trojan, but physically and mentally. It has also been a huge boost in my confidence, as a big guy in general, its good to have a sport where I can see myself improving week by week and also not to be looked down on because of my size.

Socially, I have made many friends since joining trojan, ive also had a lot of help from the more advanced member both in MMA and BJJ, ive rolled with white, blue, brown and black belts in BJJ and not once has anyone critized me due to me still being very much a beginner, all ive had is constructive feed back, help and tips and tricks, ive never had anything like that before when doing any sort of sports.

I cant stress enough how amazing the coaches and students at trojan have been so far, big love to Dan, Paul, Greg, Jadon & Tom Godber for all their help so far! Heres to the next hurdle! Cya on the mats!

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