5 tips for BJJ

5 things you need to know when you start BJJ

Starting anything new can be daunting, especially in martial arts… what to do, what to say, and what the hell is that weird hand shake before people start!!

So here are some handy tips that will help guide you on to the mats with a little more confidence.

1. The weird hand shake; slap, bump, roll! It’s the internationally recognised way to start rolling (what’s rolling, see number 2) it’s a bit like ready, steady, go.

2. “Rolling” “lets roll” this is when you and your partner begin to grapple whether it be in sparring or just drilling techniques.

3. Elbows in; there is a very simple rule I would tell all first timers who begin to “roll” having your elbow tight to your body limits many of the attacks and passing techniques your opponent to get, and increases your survival rate significantly. Have your arms away from you body stretched out gives the green to attack. So don’t forget, arms tight you’re strong, arms out you’re weak!

4. Relax; going a guns blazing will only lead to injury and you being gassed out within minutes, and if you’re really new you’ll be lucky enough to have a massive headache from straining so much. Remember it’s a journey and to start with you have to learn to except defeat before you really learn.

5. Tap; if it’s on its on, tap and slap, bump and roll again. Time on the mats isn’t time to compete it’s time to learn. Tapping does not make you any less of a person if fact it makes you more of a person as you’re learning. It’s been said many times, Martial Arts really is a path to self discovery, learning how your react under pressure and adversity. How you choose to deal with this can be a very humbling experience and will make you a better version of yourself!

Feel free to comment below on your handy tips you’d give newbies to mats as they start their journey.

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