Teresa Chloe

Muay thai boxing is an actual art. It’s a way of learning how to attack and defend in a form of a dance making it slightly more sophisticated than other martial arts. It’s a way of being able to express myself using the correct technique and learning when to strike and when to defend. Read more

Now even easier to Join

Now its even easier to join Trojan Free Fighters Worcester via our GoCardless Direct debit payment option. Read more

We have ourselves a black belt

Today Paul Severn received his well deserved Black Belt from Checkmat UK head coach Chico Mendes.

Paul has been our BJJ coach since 2010 and during that time has built a Jiu Jitsu following to be proud of, and today was the reward for the time, energy and resource that he puts into his training and coaching.

Paul come from a very strong lineage: Read more

Exciting times ahead

As our club has grown over the years it is now time for us to grow even more…. more info to follow very soon

Richard Arkless

For many just going to the gym, running, doing a programme some fitness instructor wrote for you just doesn’t inspire you to train and the motivation just isn’t there to go to a busy health club and wait around for the treadmill. Richard Arkless joined Trojan Free Fighters as a way to improve his overall health and weight loss and its fair to say he is an inspiration to all those beginners who are looking for a connection and someone they can relate to. Here is how it went: Read more